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Exquisite, Elegant, Engaging Entertainment

Professional Close-Up Magician Chris Piercy has one main goal when he is hired, he wants to help make your event UNFORGETTABLE, with his slick delivery, razor-sharp wit, devilish charm and mind-blowing magic he always does just that!

Chris’ magic is the ultimate ice-breaker at any event, his style is fresh, contemporary, fun, engaging, interactive and most of all entertaining.

Close-Up Magician

Close-Up Magic is, as the name suggests, magic performed directly next to the audience – people often comment that they think they will catch magicians out if they see it as close as Chris performs it, and if you hire the right magician they don’t see anything and they don’t suspect anything.

If you are Planning a Wedding, Organising a Corporate Function, Throwing a Lavish Dinner Party or Making Arrangements for a Birthday Party then contact Chris today for a no obligation quote to see what he can add to your event.

Take a look at Chris doing what he does best in his Wedding Showreel below!

Mind-blowing Magician for hire for ANY event

Your Event deserves exquisite entertainment, Chris has a modern and contemporary style which is a far cry from the cheesy and corny magicians whose image you might conjure up upon hearing the word magician.
But forget endless trails of handkerchiefs, top hats and rabbits and begin to try and imagine the bafflement of your guests when a playing card which they have signed is then found folded up under your watch but the thing is the Chris is the one wearing your watch.
Watch Chris as your own signed coin bends in your hand, or your own signed coin ends up inside an apple!
Just a few examples of some of the many little miracles that Dorset-Based Magician Chris could be performing at your event.

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Client Testimonials

Chris you were amazing! We were all still talking about the show hours after you left. Great start to a great evening! Hopefully we'll see you again!
Mariesha, Parlour show for Family Celebration in Dorset 22nd August 2015
We brought in Chris for a few hours at the Google Summer Party last week and he did a sterling job... really impressive array of tricks and had the crowd eating out the palm of his hand. Would highly recommend in the future, thanks a lot Chris.
Finlay Clarke, Google, Royal Opera House, London 24th July 2015
I have hired Chris under my events business Simply Events on a number of occasions to entertain guests at parties and corporate events and have always enjoyed Chris' performances. He entertains so well and always wows the guests and I wouldnt hesitate to recommend him.
Melanie of Simply Events who has hired Chris on several occasions.
Chris was amazing, did a fantastic job of entertaining, our guests at our wedding, highly recommend. Thank you again Chris xx
Sam, Bride, Abbotsbury, Dorset 9th May 2015
Simply amazing! Chris was the entertainment at a year 11 school prom; the teachers and students who attended were blown away by his magic! Brilliant!
Lydia, School Prom Organiser, Dorset 24th April 2015
Chris had everyone hooked on the magic. I and all the guests were blown away by the tricks and after he left we were all trying to guess how they were done. I recommend Chris 100%. He was professional, friendly, funny and very skilled in the art of magic.
Nathan, 30th Birthday Party, Weymouth, Dorset
Our company hired Chris for our work Christmas party. He was amazing, he captured everyone's attention and was a genius, truly incredible magic. Everyone was talking about him the next day, so well done and thank you.
Samantha, Dutton Gregory Solicitors, The Bartley Lodge, Hampshire 11th December 2015
Chris performed at our wedding last month. His tricks left people (including my hubby and I) completely speechless! Such skill. Absolutely astounding!!! Thank you so much again.
Karen, Bride - Wedding, Parley Manor, Dorset 4th September 2015
Absolutely amazing! My mind was blown and now I believe magic is real
Vicky, Wedding 6th June 2015
We hired Chris for our wedding and we thought he would be good but we were both blown away! Fantastic magician and great professional service from the time of booking to the performance date. Recommend him to everyone and would love to see him again at an event.
Chris, Groom, The Italian Villa, Dorset 2nd January 2016

Keep in Touch

If you’d like to keep apprised of where Chris is performing, what he is doing and to be the among the first to see when he posts new videos and pictures then the best way is to connect with him through Social Media.

Chris’ Business has active Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn, so feel free to contact him through any of these methods.  

Reasons to Hire Chris to be your Magician

  • You are looking for a magician with a fun, engaging, fresh and innovative style.
  • You are looking for entertainment for any event where entertaining an adult audience is the primary focus.
  • You want a full-time professional entertainer.
  • You want someone who will create lasting memories and an unforgettable experience for all.
  • You want someone fun and dynamic who will adapt his performance to be perfect for your event.
  • You want a performer with full Public Liability Insurance who is also a member of Equity, the performer’s Union.
  • You are particularly looking for a bald magician with a beard.

Reasons you shouldn’t Hire Chris to be your Magician

  • You are looking for an entertainer for a children’s party.
  • You haven’t taken the time to look around his website.
  • You are looking for the cheapest magician you can find.
  • You want a magician who is going to pull rabbits out of a hat or endless streams of handkerchiefs from his sleeve.

Exquisite Professional Close-Up Magician

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